About us

Empire Hotels is a division of the greater Empire Hospitality family, and the realization of a dream for our three Managing Partners. When the company was first formed in 2008, the goal of owning hotels was put aside temporarily while effort was put into establishing a leading name in Government lodging contracts. It has since expanded into corporate and insurance housing, as well as business and team travel, all while operating numerous large government contracts across the country. This was all possible because of our strong partnerships with national hotel brands and a talented team of over 70 employees. To learn more about Empire’s lodging business visit us online here.

In 2021 Empire Hotels was formed and found it’s humble beginnings with the purchase of two project hotels in Jackson, MS. With the right team on board, and a tenacious drive to grow, things moved quickly with a third hotel following soon after, and another two acquired less than a year later. With no signs of slowing down, Empire Hotels is set to be one of our fastest growing, and most exciting divisions!

At the core of all we do is our people; an experienced team of hospitality professionals committed to integrity, passionate about service, devoted to lasting partnerships, and dedicated to making a difference. Strategically located across the United States, our group of leaders are always available to assist with any need or request our clients may have.

The Corporate Golden Rule:

We operate by the Golden Rule, treating others he way we want to be treated, but it goes beyond that.

  • We admire our clients and hold them in high esteem
  • We value the efforts of our hotel partners
  • We appreciate and recognize our employees, without whom we would accomplish little
  • We are patriots and love our country
  • We respect, honor, and serve those who serve us.